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   Solutions That Help You Make The Difference
SEFAO Enterprises is an entity that is passionate about Development, Software, Research, Design and Creative Solutions. We strive for continous innovation and creativity through research and experimentation, and working with our clientele.
   Server - Cloud Software: Bolster Suite™
Securely Communicate and collaborate more effectively. Built for your serverBolster Suite: Secure Web and Mobile Collaboration. and the cloud, Bolster Suite is a Highly Secure Web and Mobile Collaboration Suite.

Bolster Suite includes our prestigious QuantiMail Email with Contact / List Manager and Search, BolsterCal Appointment Calendar, BolsterCMS Content Management System, BolsterEIM Enterprise Instant Messanger and BolsterAdmin for complete server administration.

Learn More or visit the Bolster Suite website.
   Server - Cloud Software: eMarket PL™
Do you have products to sell? Built for your server and the cloud, eMarket PLeMarket PL: End to end Retail Software 
For Your Server to the Cloud. is a Highly Secure end to end Retail eCommerce Solution.

Complete Retail eCommerce website with editable templates and built-in database. SSL site for customer order management with built-in customer database.

Secure back-end management of products, inventory, customers, product categories, transactions and more. Fully PCI compliant. Easy integration with PayPal® and other payment systems.

Learn More or visit the eMarket PL website.
   SEFAO Server™
Looking for High End, Reliable and Fully Supported servers for yourSEFAO Server Technology data center? Our SEFAO Server™ line may be the right fit for you.

Originally optimized for our Software, our Custom Server Hardware solutions include High End nU Rack Mount and Blade Servers. We build to your specifications.

Learn More about SEFAO Server Technology.
   Media and Design by EPC Media™
Enhance your presence with stunning tailored Digital and Print solutionsEPC Media Multimedia and Design Solutions from our EPC Media Multimedia and Design Division.

Since 1998, EPC Media Multimedia and Design Solutions has been providing our clients with Graphic Design, Layout and Print Design, High Definition (HD) Commercials, Product Videos, Web Ads, Audio & Sound, Web and mobile UI and UX Design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions...At lower than market rates.

Learn More or visit the EPC Media website.
   Eroica Publishing™
Do you have manuscripts you want converted into sheet musicEroica Music Publishing and Music Typesetting and/or want your works published?

Eroica Publishing is specially equipped for rapid Music Typesetting, Printing, Cataloging and the Publishing of all of your precious works.

Eroica Publishing also provides you with options to create MIDI files, audio files and PDF's for your music.

Learn More or visit the Eroica Publishing website.
   Our Gifts Upon A Time™
Find the gifts you need at the prices you want at our Our family friendly web marketplace - Gifts Upon A TimeGifts Upon A Time family friendly marketplace.

At Gifts Upon A Time, choose from thousands of Gifts for Home and Garden, Decor, Games, Inspirational Gifts, Furnishings and more.

All at prices you will love.

Learn More or visit the Gifts Upon A Time website.
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